We have three rooms in our Preschool to cater for different age groups of children. We seek to nurture and inspire young learners within an environment that fosters Christian spiritual character and values.

Koru Room

If your child is under 2, they will join our Koru room, which has up to 8 children and 3 teachers.

We spend our day in your child’s routine. We also introduce your child to age appropriate learning experiences which include, music and movement, water and sand play, art and pretend play. Each child has a key teacher, who will get to know you and your child so that they can plan for your  child’s growth and learning alongside you.

Kowhai Room

Our Kowhai room is for children who are over 2 until they are ready for our Kauri room.  Your child will have a key teacher who will work to understand their developing learning dispositions, and with you will plan for and carry out many learning experiences tailored to the needs of your child. At this age, children are learning to be part of a group and developing growing self-help skills. We encourage this, as well as introducing them to a wide range of education resources and experiences.

Kauri RoomKauri1

The Kauri room is for children who are over 3 years 8 months. This is a time in your child’s life where they have many questions and in this room we encourage those questions alongside growing strategies for finding answers to them.  Foundation skills, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), project based learning and child initiated learning are the centre of all we do in this room. We have a strong relationship with Willow Park School, and as a member of the Northcote Kahui Ako, we are working to build a clear path for success for our children moving on to future education.