enrollment2Waiting List Procedure

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Northcote Baptist Community Preschool has a very long waiting list and we recommend enrolling your child at birth.

When a space becomes available for a new child to attend, the space will be filled from the waiting list with the following criteria taken into consideration:

Child’s age, whether the child has or had any siblings attending NBCP, the length of time on the waiting list, the number of children of different ages attending NBCP at the time the place becomes available, the child’s ability to go to the toilet on his/her own, whether they are already attending another centre.

Spaces will be filled according to the criteria listed above, at the sole discretion of the supervisor.

Priority will generally be given to children with siblings currently attending NBCP.

To ensure that a balance is maintained, the minimum number of days a child can attend NBCP is as follows:
4 full days 8am – 5pm OR
4 short days 8.45am – 3.15pm

Depending on the waiting list, it is the intention of NBCP that children will be  considered for attendance from age 1 years old. If a child begins after they are  2 years old it is expected that they are fully toilet trained.

If absent from NBCP for a continuous three week period the preschool is not able to claim funding for absences that continue into the fourth week and beyond. In this case your child will be removed from the roll.

Children with special rights or health problems may need to be absent for longer than three weeks. The Preschool is able to apply for an exemption to the three week rule for these children.



Northcote 浸信会幼儿园有非常长的等待名单,我们建议您在孩子出生时就登记在等待名单上。



  1. 孩子的年龄
  2. 孩子是否有兄弟姐妹已经入园
  3. 在名单上的等待时间
  4. 该名额对年龄的要求
  5. 孩子独立上厕所的能力
  6. 孩子是否已经上了其他幼儿园




  3个全天 (8am–5pm)

或者4个短天 (8.45am-3.15pm) 以上